How to Distribute the Life of Jesus Books

The Life of Jesus books are actually the 4 Gospels which have been complied into one chronological sequence. It makes it much easier for those who have never before read the Bible to simply read the life of Jesus in one straight story form. The scriptures are also in an “Easy-to-Read” version prepared by WBTC (World Bible Translation Center), which is a subsidiary of the Bible League International. and keep the vocabulary simple for those with a lower education level. And because it is not a Bible it is much more acceptable to those who may have objections to receiving a Bible, although it is purely scriptures, simply rearranged in story form. The words still maintain the power of God to change a life!

The books are available in boxes of 64 copies and as little as 6 copies (One of each language.) Each church, Sunday school class or home group can distribute them among their members. Then individuals should keep a few in their car or purse and be consciously looking for foreigners as they go about their daily business or weekend travel. These books can be purchased in our store. The box of 6 books costs: $23.50 which includes postage.

Then it is as simple as 1-2-3:

  1. “What country are you from?” Foreigners love to talk about their country. They have family there. Many of them are monthly sending money to their families back home. Often they speak with such love and devotion about their homeland as we would about America.
  2. “What language do you speak?” Often they speak a language that we have never heard of; however, they may be able to read in the “common” language of their country. For instance, India has many languages, but their common language is Hindi. Most Indians do read and speak Hindi. If they do not, it could well be that their spouse or at least their children can speak and read it.
  3. “I have a gift for you in your language.” By using the word “gift”, this shows that you really care for them. In eastern cultures it is rude to refuse a gift offered in friendship. Go back to your car and get a copy to hand to them. Then say, “This is a book about the Life of Jesus.”

You will see their faces light up when they see in print their very own language. And you will be amazed at the gracious response. Where in this country can they find anything written in their mother tongue? But to see a book about Jesus in their language stimulates curiosity. And the Holy Spirit does the rest.

The Word of God is its own self-contained power. Paul said in 2Tim 2:9 that although he himself was chained like a criminal, “the Word of God is not chained.” Nor can it be chained. Once it is in the hands of someone who has never read or heard of our savior, God brings to light what their hearts have been longing for – a savior.

A note of caution: Do not attempt to place large quantities of these books on cars, especially parked at a Mosque or Hindu Temple. This is insulting. We must approach them with respect and honor. It is better to have a face to face encounter where you can express your love in a personal way. If at all possible, try to develop a relationship with them. Invite them for coffee or tea. Visit them in their home and get to know their family. It could be the start of a wonderful new adventure in your life as well as theirs.